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PQ-Go is go!

Check out our free MCQ service at www.pq-go.com  ... [More»]

Your morning rituals

Brian Scudamore, CEO of O2E Brands, recently set out six morning rituals that he believes will make you productive all day ... [More»]

Graphs still important for F5 examiner

Here's what the F5 ACCA examiner said about the March exam... ... [More»]

Crackdown on money laundering

The government is hoping criminals and terrorists will find it harder to move money through the UK financial system thanks to new rules, which came into force today ... [More»]

Appy days

Small traders could soon be able to take card payments from customers with an app on their phone, rather than via a card terminal ... [More»]

New PQ magazine is out

The latest PQ magazine is now ‘ready to read’! ... [More»]

Our giveaway winners

Watch out for the next issue of PQ magazine – we have lots of giveaways up for grabs ... [More»]

KPMG awarded Queen’s Award

KPMG has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the inaugural category of ‘Promoting Opportunity’ for its work on social mobility ... [More»]

Hardest June exams?

Open Tuition’s instant poll of the latest ACCA sitting is out ... [More»]


All done then – here’s what F9 and P4 sitters had to say ... [More»]


How did F6, P3 and P6 go? You tell us ... [More»]

KPMG wins BT audit

BT appoints KPMG as its auditor ... [More»]


How was it for those sitting F5, P1 and P5? No all good! ... [More»]

Interpretation on IAS 12 Incomes Taxes

The International Accounting Standards Board has issued IFRIC 23 Uncertainty over Income Tax Treatments ... [More»]

Spreadsheet problems leave PQs in meltdown

AAT has apologised for the technical issues that caused difficulties in completing certain tasks during the Level 3 Advanced Diploma synoptic window. ... [More»]


Your ACCA June exam feedback for F7 and P2 ... [More»]

Watchdog ‘closes’ probe into Tesco

The FRC has dropped its probe into PwC’s audit of Tesco ... [More»]


Your ACCA June feedback for F8 and P7 audit exams ... [More»]

Get an ACCA-approved CBE mock for £2

BPP is offering its ACCA-approved F5-F9 CBE mocks for just £2. Make sure you use the code bbpcbemocks80 ... [More»]

The top London university is…

London South Bank University's accountancy and finance degrees are now ranked 4th in the UK! ... [More»]

IASB proposed ‘improvement’ to IFRS 8

The International Accounting Standards Board is proposing changes to the IFRS for operating segments ... [More»]

Don’t take gel pens into the exam hall

ACCA students take note – you must not use gel pens or tippex to the exam hall! ... [More»]

ACCA June exam tips

Leading tutors at First Intuition provide their exam tips for this summer's P papers. They come with the usual warnings! ... [More»]

LSBF's ACCA exam tips

What do the experts at LSBF think is coming up this June? Here's is their educated guesses... ... [More»]

Have you read the ACCA Examiners' Reports?

What little gems did the December ACCA examiners' reports hold? Here our take on the optional papers... ... [More»]

More ACCA exam tips for June

BPP provides a comprehensive guide on what you need to know when you walk into the exam hall. ... [More»]

ACCA 'paper' papers to be withdrawn

ACCA has unveiled its timetable for the withdrawal of paper exams for the F5-F9 sessions ... [More»]

Mental health issues on the rise

Physically and mental health issues are affecting nearly half of all ICAEW PQs, according to a new CABA survey on student wellbeing trends ... [More»]

Can cheats proper?

Accountancy bodies tell us they have no plans to beef up their exam invigilation despite rise in hi-tech cheating at universities ... [More»]

PQ-Go is go!

Check out our MCQ service at www.pq-go.com ... [More»]

Record fine for PwC

PwC and a former partner, Stephen Harrison, have both been fined by the FRC over the audit work of the now defunct social housing maintenance business Connaught ... [More»]

Sharp increase in student loan interest rates

Millions of students and former students face big jump in interest payments ... [More»]

Personal insolvencies on the up

Low wage rises and rising prices are leading to more personal insolvencies ... [More»]

The AAT Training Provider winners were…

AAT unveils this year’s winners of the Training Providers Awards at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole ... [More»]

FRC launches investigation into KPMG over its Rolls Royce audit

The accountancy watchdog has started an investigation into KPMGs audit of Rolls-Royce Group ... [More»]

Win an Apple watch - right here right now!

Yes, you really could win a watch courtesy of Howell Thorpe and PQ magazine ... [More»]

What is your body doing about Google?

How did the accountancy bodies react when big companies started to boycott Google? ... [More»]

ICAEW launches new brand

ICAEW has a new logo - Economia's dividers have gone red! ... [More»]

CIMA first-timers doing even better!

The latest CIMAS pass rates are here. How are they looking? ... [More»]

ACCA welcomes MTD delay

ACCA welcomed the government’s decision to drop Making Tax Digital (MTD) legislation from the finance bill ... [More»]

Job vacancies rocket

The number of job vacancies for accounting and finance professionals rocked by 41% in the first quarter of 2017, says a new survey ... [More»]

Grant Thornton fined £2.28m

Grant Thornton is sanctioned for misconduct over AssetCo plc audits ... [More»]

KPMG achieves Queen’s Award

KPMG has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the inaugural category of ‘Promoting Opportunity’ for its work on social mobility ... [More»]

Time to defer Making Tax Digital?

ACCA has said that the call for a snap General Election must mean the implementation of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital strategy has to be delayed ... [More»]

ICAEW March professional results

The first-ever ICAEW professional level CBE results are out and they are looking good! ... [More»]

ACCA March results – more insight

How many papers are you planning to take? ... [More»]

Migrant targets not to include overseas students?

The UK government looks set to exempt overseas students from migration targets ... [More»]

Jammed packed latest issue is out!

The latest PQ magazine is now ready to read…  ... [More»]

MDCL update…

AAT is offering a £50 goodwill gesture to PQs caught up in the MDCL remarking debacle ... [More»]

ACCA March results are in...

How were the March exams – well here’s the pass rates! ... [More»]

KPMG sacks 6 employees

KPMG has fired 6 employees, including the head of its US audit practice, after the firm discovered they improperly received advanced warnings that the US watchdog was planning an inspection of one of their audits ... [More»]

Are you behaving ethically?

How often do you ‘observe’ unethical behavior at work? Research by Accountancy Europe says its more common than you might think! ... [More»]

Online degree for campus prices

Exeter University has reportedly become the first top institution in the UK to offer an extensive programme of online degrees ... [More»]

Amazon Business

Amazon has launched a new division that it hopes will revolutionise procurement for UK businesses in the same way it has disrupted the world of consumer retail ... [More»]

Overseas register for property assets

The government is setting up a register of the identity of the owners of overseas businesses who hold property assets in the UK ... [More»]

P4 the difficult one for ACCA PQs

ACCA March 2017 results are less than a week away. So will the results reflect how hard the exams were? Generally, we find they don’t! ... [More»]


We are looking for some PQs and lecturers to become more involved in the magazine ... [More»]

HMRC launches new fraud hotline

HMRC has launched a new fraud and evasion hotline ... [More»]

AAT unveils Training Provider Awards shortlist

The AAT has revealed who has made it onto this year’s shortlist for the Training Providers Awards ... [More»]

Booking issues for ICAEW

ICAEW has had some real issues with its booking system for the June exams ... [More»]

ACCA unveils enhanced ethics module for PQs?

ACCA has formally unveiled its new, improved (and much longer) Ethics and Professional Skills Module ... [More»]

AAT ‘uplifting’ MDCL marks

The AAT has revealed it is making adjustments to all MDCL assessments between 1 September 2016 and 23 March 2017  ... [More»]

ICAS launches quest for the world’s top 35 CAs

The ICAS competition to find the 35 most promising and inspiring young CAs is now open!  ... [More»]

PQ magazine giveaways

Apple watches, free courses and much more up for grabs this month...  ... [More»]

Plan for success

A new CIMA study planner tool has been unveiled for all its PQs ... [More»]

A state of disrepair

The UK housing crisis has become so bad that even wealthy young professionals are being forced to rent in squalid conditions, claims new research from Citizens Advice ... [More»]

Free Excel training

The ICAEW has reminded all its students that, in partnership with the Institute’s IT faculty, ACA students can avail themselves of a free online Excel training course ... [More»]

Employers need to do more

Employers need to do more to support their PQs. That is one of the key findings of our exclusive survey, conducted with Hays Accountancy & Finance ... [More»]

Watch our PQ Awards 2017 highlights!

We have created some moving pictures of the latest PQ awards, so you can get a feel of the night! ... [More»]

ACCA expands CBE coverage

The ACCA has unveiled the countries where it will be increasing the availability of its CBE sessions for June ... [More»]

New anti-money laundering watchdog created

A new watchdog has been set up to help close any loopholes used by criminals to launder their dirty money in the UK ... [More»]

U-turn over NIC rises

The national insurance increases for the self-employed, outlined in last week’s Budget, have been dropped ... [More»]


What PQs thought of each and every one of the March exams, warts and all ... [More»]

KPMG is top 10 gay-friendly employer

KPMG has been named as the top LGBT accountancy employer by Stonewall, the lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality charity ... [More»]

Class pay gap

Professional people from working class backgrounds are paid £6,800 less than their colleagues from more affluent backgrounds ... [More»]


Last exams of the week – how did they go? ... [More»]


Your March ACCA exam feedback for F6, P3 and P6 ... [More»]

NIC change put on hold?

PM Theresa May has said that proposals to increase NICs for the self-employed will now not go before MPs until the autumn ... [More»]

Don’t be an enabler

From July anyone who assists a taxpayer or business to use a tax avoidance arrangement that is later defeated by HMRC can be fined up to 100% of the fees earned ... [More»]

Tesco payroll error

Tesco is to reimburse 140,000 former and present employees with nearly £10m after payroll errors have led to staff not being paid the national minimum wage ... [More»]


How did F5, P1 and P5 go? You tell us... ... [More»]

Our at-a-glance Budget 2017 summary

Here are the highlights from Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first Budget (and last Spring Budget!)  ... [More»]


How was Day 2 of the ACCA exams? We have feedback from F7 and P2... ... [More»]


What was the feedback about the P7 and F8 exams... ... [More»]

ICAEW CBEs about to launch

The first ICAEW professional CBEs are upon us, with Audit & Assurance and Tax Compliance the first to switch ... [More»]

Graduate recruitment going to be well down

Graduate recruitment into the accounting and professional services sector is set drop by a whopping 8.4% during 2017, according to a survey conducted by High Fliers Research ... [More»]

AAT is a trailblazer for apprenticeships

AAT has been approved as an Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AOO) for the Accounting Trailblazer Apprenticeships ... [More»]

ACCA March exam tips

The March exams are approaching fast. Here some tips! (Remember those who subscribe to our free monthly mag got these on 17 February) ... [More»]

More ACCA March exam tips...

LSBF provides its spin on the possible questions for the March sitting ... [More»]

March Optional paper exam tips

BPP provides its 'advice' on the March optional papers. What's hot and what's not! ... [More»]

ACCA Live sessions - for March sitting

LSBF is running its award-winning ACCA Live Sessions for the March exams ... [More»]

KPMG takes transparent approach

KPMG has published its workforce data outlining the socio-economic make-up of the firm ... [More»]

CIPFA pass rates ‘mixed bag’

 ... [More»]

Timely releases - ACCA to review policy

ACCA has said that it will look at reinstating a clear policy of releasing information around exam times ... [More»]

Human capital - a taxing issue

The Chartered Institute of Taxation is introducing a new exam in Human Capital Taxes for the May examination ... [More»]

CIMA pass rates rise year-on-year

CIMA OT pass rates are on the rise, and there has been some dramatic rises year-on-year ... [More»]

PwC living in 'La La Land'

PwC has apologised for a catastrophic mix-up at the 2017 Oscars that saw the wrong film announced as the winner in the Best Picture category. ... [More»]

Best of the PQ awards 2017

So, who walked off with a coveted PQ award at the Café de Paris…?  ... [More»]

Fill in your P3 knowledge gaps

The ACCA examiner is worried about P3 students’ knowledge gaps in project management, big data, competency frameworks and the learning organization ... [More»]

FRC wants right to sanction all directors

The UK’s biggest public companies have been put on notice – the FRC wants to be able to take disciplinary action against all individuals for breaching financial reporting rules ... [More»]

#PQAwards - just a week away

Yes, it's just a week to the 14th annual PQ awards ceremony... ... [More»]

Kaplan acquires Genesis

Kaplan has bought the Dubai-based Genesis Institute ... [More»]

CBE guidance for F9

The December examiner’s report stressed the importance of showing your workings ... [More»]

Next steps for Making Tax Digital

HMRC releases more information on how everyone will ‘benefit’ from its plans to modernise the tax system ... [More»]

Latest NQ magazine is out!

Read the latest PQ magazine. Find out how to deal with 'unknown unknowns' and the need for a shake-up in audit ... [More»]

Generation Next ready to move

Young finance professional are almost permanently looking for a career promotion or a jump to a new job, says a new global survey from the ACCA ... [More»]

What do CIMA's get?

The average UK salary for a CIMA PQ studying the final strategic level now stands at £42,515, according to the latest institute salary insight ... [More»]

Which AAT papers are harder?

The latest issue of PQ magazine has published the AAT pass rates for the last year in full. So, which papers are the hardest to pass? ... [More»]

CIPFA CBE update

CIPFA has apologised to students who experienced difficulties with the institute's online exam system. Read the full story in the latest issue ... [More»]

The accountant's apprentice

How are employers going to use the changes to apprenticeships to ensure they get the maximum value out of the new Apprenticeship Levy? ... [More»]

PQ Magazine Awards 2017 - THE SHORTLIST

The PQ magazine awards received a record number of entries this time around. Our top independent judges not only chose the winners they also decided the shortlist too! ... [More»]


Just when you thought CIMA pass rates couldn’t get any better the latest set of results come in! ... [More»]

ACCA December 2016 pass rates are here

The December pass rates were a bit of a mixed bag. Here they are... ... [More»]

BTL chosen by ICAEW

ICAEW announces new preferred suppliers for delivery of CBEs ... [More»]

Clarifying standards

As part of its yearly improvement plan the International Accounting Standards Board has published proposed amendments to three standards ... [More»]

How much do you get? - study leave that is...

PQ magazine has joined up with Hays to discover if you are happy with the way your employer is treating you! All we need a few minutes of your time… ... [More»]
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